Sunday, November 27, 2011

8th Week of Mail

This week is so awesome and have to send a lot of Christmas greetings.  Here's my contribution for the week.  Since I made a lot of friends in Malaysia, so most of the cards going out are flying to Malaysia.

This card is going to my friend who is having her birthday on December 5.

Going to my friends in Malaysia. :)

Going to Malaysia and Philippines!

Going to Malaysia as well :)

One is for a random act of kindness and going to the USA and the other one going to Malaysia again :-D

And the above card is my hello card going to Russia.

And this is my birthday card for my niece who is turning 5 on December 20. 

And here are my postcrossing cards:

And my letters to my friends. One going to Netherlands, other one to Australia.

One of this letter goes to USA and the other one, Ukraine.

This is a record breaking week for me. I thank this project because it helps me so much to become less stressful and this became a therapy for me. Not only that, this project helps me more to think about others.

Happy Writing!!

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