Saturday, February 18, 2012

17th week of mail

I was a bit lazy last week due to time change. I have shifted from morning to a graveyard shift and find it difficult to adjust. But even so, I was able to send four postcards last week. Too bad my blog post is a bit late :'(.

Here are my contributions last week:

These are all postcrossing postcards.. I'm gonna do better this week ;)


  1. Wow, such a beautiful postcards!! Who ever gets it is a very lucky person :)

  2. Hi~~~ I'm Rocio from Argentina and I would like write you if you don't mind :D
    I'm starting with this 52 weeks of mail :)
    if you are interested please send me an email to or contact me on my blog

    Have a nice day~~

    1. hi rocio, thanks for your interest.. will drop you a mail then :)